King Solomon

by Hayley Sabella

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released April 18, 2014


all rights reserved



Hayley Sabella Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hayley Sabella is a singer-songwriter / local farmer / earnest truth-seeker / independent woman / dork, who originally did her thing in her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts and is now doing her thing in other places, too.

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Track Name: Backbone
There’s fire in my lungs
There’s some things I want to say
Still I don’t know how to tease them out of me

There’s a way to strike your stride
In a way that’s all your own
Still I’m stepping in footsteps set out for me

Do I have the courage to be disapproved of
Have I got the backbone to say what I mean
I don’t know

There’s a garden of unknown
Fruit in me that’s sown
Have I got the patience I need to taste of it in its day

Will I wrestle and walk limping
Will I jump out and not fly
Do you recover from touching
Him who doesn’t die

Do I have the courage to be knocked down hard
Have I got the backbone to fall and not die
I don’t know

But I’ll walk on and on and on, oh
As the days go by, I’ll walk on and on and on
I’ll walk on and on and on, oh
Till my breath goes back to the God who gave it
Till the day I die, I’ll walk on and on and on
Even if I’m limping I’ll walk on
Track Name: Small Things
The cedar cabinet holds your favorite coffee cup
It’s collected debris from spiders and other small things

The small things, oh the smaller things that creep beneath below between
That hide behind the glitter sheen of the important stuff

And when found collected in your favorite coffee cup
It was the hardest indication

That we aren’t really we
And you aren’t really me
But now that I’m not really you too,
You too are set free

The angle, the degree of your mouth when you smile
And the squint of your eye when you think of what to say
Are the small things, the smaller things that make me wonder what has changed
Have you lost interest when we talk abut “important stuff”

Cause when you stopped drinking with me from your favorite coffee cup
It was the hardest indication
Track Name: Farm Fingers
These farm fingers are weary
These cracked callouses, cracked callouses
Go tough-tough break, soft
Far too soft, tough again
Break again, break again, I broke again

These strong shoulders are heavy
Like roots of a tree, roots of a tree
Their tangled up underneath
Tangled up underneath
Underneath, underneath, oh underneath

When I say I need rain
From heaven, I need rain
When I say, I need rain
Oh my God-- I need rain

Love is a labor, this labor is my love
I'll try to savor sweat as the flavor of my…
Love is a labor
Track Name: February
I’m tired of being cynical, I’m tired of seeing grey
I’m tired of February
I’m done with being critical of things I cannot change
I’m finished with this log in my eye

But will you walk with me, march through April and May
And maybe this frozen ground will let the lonesome give way
Walk with me till it’s warm enough to really live
Put a kettle on the stove and a log on the fire, I know we will survive

A cold wind is blowing and its wearing me right out
It’s making my feet feel too numb to step
But it won’t keep me from dreaming of sunny old July
I’ve yet to forget you Mrs. June

As the calendar pages I change and stay the same
Change, and stay the same, I change and stay the same
It don’t matter how far away our star is from these parts,
There’s still nothing new under the sun

Before the moon and stars have darkened
And the clouds come to rain again
And the guards are outside trembling
And the strongest backs are bent
Before the windows have dimmed and the doors are shut tight
And desire has failed and the songs are brought low
Before the silver chord has snapped
And the golden bowl has broken
And the pitcher has shattered at the fountain
And the wheel has broken at the cistern
Before the dust returns to the earth as it was
And your spirit returns to the God who gave it
Remember your Creator, remember your Creator
Remember, remember
Track Name: King Solomon
They say an honest man is difficult to find
Especially in this troublesome day in age
But honey I’m inclined to take a different mind set
Oh, hear me when I say, it’s always been this way

And King Solomon said
Oh King Solomon said
There is nothing, nothing new under the sun

Once I knew a man who told so many lies
He went by a different name each time he shook a hand
So I took him aside gave him the chance to change
But I guess I don’t decide who someone else is gonna be

With each day the sun rises
And with each night the sun sets
It don’t matter whose beside me
I still sleep with myself

They say an honest man is impossible to find
Especially in this troublesome, dark day
Track Name: Child's Play
Well my limbs are soar, but my heart is quiet
Sleep will come easily tonight
There were no fireworks, there was no parade
But settledness can be so good for you

This is child’s play, child’s play
Child’s play, child’s play

When I look in truth inside this heart of mine
I can see in simplicity I am a worshiper
Hungrily, greedily, anxiously, I can chew through these idols
I’m no child cause I can see through them quicker now

When I’m listening I can hear
Him whisper on the wind:
Take it day by day
Track Name: Up & Away Go
You swept in fast and swept out faster
And I cannot account for the state you left me in

What does the shore have to say to the ocean’s waves?
“You were here and then you weren’t, you came and then you left”

And that is all

Up and away go, I’m pretty used to
Flying solo any how
Up and away go, my own adventure
Is calling me now

I didn’t know your absence until I knew your presence
How could you be so lost from me
You whom I did not seek

You swept in fast, I hardly saw your face
But lover please don’t be lost from me forever

Up and away go, I’m fairly used to
Flying solo any how
Up and away go, I have things to do
Here without you anyhow
At least for now
Track Name: Proud & Tight Fisted
I’ve been proud and tight fisted
Always shifting my weight around
To have things the way I’d like them

I’ve been oddly particular
And isn’t it peculiar how
One becomes rigid and lifeless

If my days were made of dough,
I’d have kneaded them so long
They’d yield bread hard and over handled

Revising, revising till I have trouble recognizing
Who I once was, who I’m meant to be
Revive me, revive me, oh won’t you revive me, Holy One

Cause I’m tired, it’s tiring pretending
I don’t want to do it anymore
I’m a coward, it’s cowardly this acting
These tactics are exhausting, &
Costing me more than I will pay

I’ve been trying to pry open
My own white knuckled fingers as they
Greedily grip onto nothing

Moving too quickly
Speaking over wise voices
As they warn me to slow it down

Devising, devising a way to make every eye see
Exactly the way that I see
Deliver, deliver, oh won’t you deliver me, Holy One
Track Name: Speak to Me Loud
Stop, see: this is just not what you were created for
Stop, breath: take a breath for the first time as a child, as a child


Speak to me so loud,
You drown out all of the noise, all of the noise
Cause I’ve been far too proud,
Trading the truth for poised
Expressions of something like it


Speak to me so loud, cause if you don’t, someone else will
Speak to me so loud, cause if you don’t, I’ll hear someone else

Track Name: Vanity
Hear now the rooster crow, you’ve made your last confession
Stopped plows, the Queen Anne’s lace is dried brown bone decoration
Summer’s hot rag is wrung out for the season
The calendar day drag left droplets there, still steaming

You’re a man now, now you are a man

A girl whose name was Violet gave up her dandelion
She said, “Here, Miss, you can wish on this”
She said, “Here, lady, take my flower”

Like a coward-girl I took the stem but made no declaration
Just pushed out one strong empty breath, I sent the seed a-flying
Just one strong, meaningless breath, they scattered off at random

I’m a lady now, now I am a woman

The remedy for a heart tied up might be to say “I’m sorry”
But I don’t feel much like apologizing, don’t feel much like apologizing

I know bitterness is an ugly trait, in a bitter bed the bitter lay
But I lost the child who once I was, you can’t blame me for grieving
That child is alive no more, and I know you ‘ve lost yours too

So be a man now, now you are

Go now where the wind blows
Where the rocks make piles of salty caves
Climb down with your brothers
Find your homes, come into your own
You got skinned knees, and red cheeks
Pay no mind, you’ll be fine
So make some trouble, make some noise
Make some trouble, make your noise
Shout loud at the ocean
Declare who you are, with firm feet stand tall
I said shout loud at the ocean
Say you are the sea, but I am a man
Oh, you might be the sea, but I am a man!
Say, “this is who I am”
Because that is who you are
Oh this is who we are
Track Name: Brother
Oh my brother, battle fighter
Your burdens are burning low
Oh my brother secret keeper
Your currents run deeper than we know

Oh my brother, tip toe higher
Away from it all

Open your eyes broken hearted
Healing will come from below
Below your doubts, beneath the mouths
Of those who try to tell you that they know

Tip toe higher, sing it low

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